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Here you can get legal advice online, from the comfort of your home or office, from anywhere in the world, not only Kazakhstan, on any legal issue.

If someone owes you money or, on the contrary, is pursuing you for debts, while exceeding reasonable limits of behavior, if you have problems at work or with business partners, in the family, in inheritance matters, with law enforcement agencies, with government and management authorities, please contact us, we will help you.

We formalize the conduct of your affairs in the courts by agreement and are carried out on the basis of a power of attorney issued by you. The power of attorney can be certified by a notary or, if you are abroad, at the consulate.

Also, a power of attorney to conduct business in courts of RK can be issued by you in the court office using your digital signature. If there is no digital signature, we will help you obtain it remotely.


of 2500 $

(discounts available)

Conducting cases in courts of first, appellate and cassation instances, international arbitration

of 1500 $

(discounts available)

Representation of victims in criminal cases at the investigation stage, in court, legal assistance

of 500 $

(discounts available)

Legal support for companies and transactions, outsourcing, development and examination of contracts, preparation of claims, claims, complaints

About our company

This is a kind of consortium of various specialists, each of whom is a lawyer with a higher education and is engaged exclusively in his own area of ​​activity, in his own legal specialization. For example, if we see that your question is from the field of criminal law, then you will be immediately redirected to a specialist in this particular area of ​​legal practice. It is extremely rare that we are working with your question for the first time (very rarely), but then in this case, you will definitely be warned so that you can decide: to go further with us or look for someone who already has more experience. Our credo: honesty, if there are risks in your business, you will know about it before concluding a contract.


 The most difficult thing in any business is to be able to combine tight deadlines and high quality work. Any Customer wants to get the final result for his money as quickly as possible, and this is understandable. Now, as we know, this is the age of speed and those who can properly manage their time and correctly distribute resources win. We take additional reserves for the time to complete your order from overtime and our clients can confirm that no matter what time they write to WhatsApp, we will always answer.


 Our reporting system to the Customer involves informing about each procedural step taken on your instructions. We consider it a significant omission in the work if you receive a request about the completed stages of work, since we believe that the Customer should not ask about this, but should periodically receive information about the work done. This may be some minor progress, but the Customer should be aware of the process and not ask questions, such as: at what stage is the matter.


 The quality of our work is measured by many parameters. There are no trifles in the work of a lawyer, and not only commas matter, the way of presenting information, its design, highlighting key points in font, capital letters, spaces and other ways is no less important. We are lawyers and we must not only chew and put the information presented to the client in the mouth, but also push it with our fingers, and if it doesn’t pass with our fingers, then we can use our feet... (just kidding, of course).

Here are our three main advantages: deadlines, reporting, quality. Separately, I would like to say about prices. We have a very flexible approach and the price of the service depends, of course, on the price of the issue. But if it’s expensive for you, you can say so and get a price discount.

Our achievements

At the end of each year, summing up the results, we analyze the trials and criminal cases in which we took part. Unfortunately, these documents are not subject to publication due to legal restrictions, as they contain personal data of our satisfied clients. But I would like to highlight areas in which they were able to express themselves in all their glory and showed true professionalism:

Debt Collection
Debt Collection

rom foreign counterparties

Court - Arbitration
Court - Arbitration

filing a claim, representation

Family Disputes
Family disputes

division of property, children, inheritance

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